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Big Wash is a family business that has been based in Hataitai for forty years .


We provide a 24 hour service in a clean and efficient environment for you to do your washing quickly.


Washers  & Dryers are operated by tokens 


Tokens , Coins  and Powder are available at 4 Square Hataitai & Waitoa rd Dairy .

Tokens are now available 24 hrs from

Caltex Basin Reserve , 28 Adelaide rd 

18KG Big Wash takes over 3 normal domestic loads and up to 2 King Size duvets

Please fill it but don't stuff it

Wash cycle time is 35 mins .

That means in just over half an hour you can knock out a week's Laundry in one of our four 18Kg Big Washers and spend more time doing what you love ! 

Drying time ranges from 20 mins -40 mins depending on the type of load .

Jeans , Towels and Feather Duvets typically take longer than other items . 


Allow room in the dryers for washing to tumble 

We also have a rag business for all your cleaning needs !

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